Allowing Scouts to see the rest of the unit/roster/patrols

Hello All -
I’m looking for a way to globally modify the default privileges so that all members of the Troop can see the Patrols page and see all the members/roster of the Troop.

A few questions:

  1. Is the an easy way to do this without having to edit individual profiles’ privileges?
  2. What would be the right privilege to grant? not super clear to me from the list
  3. Is there a reason NOT to do this? I’d love to have the unit have better visibility

Thanks in advance!

T636 SM

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I would be interested for this as well.

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First it would be helpful to check out this article dealing with Access and Permissions.

The only way to allow everyone to see everyone else on the Patrol/Den/Unit page would be to grant Unit (Highest Level) level access. As long as you do not give Edit Permission then it would be view only however it would be view for everything, personal information, advancements, every piece of data in TT. Generally this is reserved for only a few leaders of the group. There is a Privilege View and Print Troop Roster that can be enabled, that gives phone number and e-mail, I believe it allows seeing everyone on the troop not just your level but it has been a while since I tested that.

Custom Reports seem to ignore permissions. You cannot find them if you are not granted, but if you put a link for the custom report any member can access it. I made a custom roster report, and link to it on the main intranet page. This lets everyone see all members leadership positions, address phone email etc.

The “View/Print” troop roster privelage also works but I wanted more data so I went the custom report way. Finding View/Print troop roster is also not super intuitive for scouts.

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Why not just give them view access to a troop roster if all of your families are good with that? There are many reasons not to have them see everyone in their unit. In fact, some would object to roster access. If you just need them to communicate with each other then set up a chat in there or turn on email copy to parents and let them email by sending via name in the send email menu.

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It’s a possibility for sure. I just thought it would be a more wholistic web experience for the Troop to be able to see the Patrols tab and navigate more content.

We do have a roster published on the Intranet pages. Just trying to find the right balance of access.

You can choose to allow whatever access you feel is necessary for your unit, every group out there uses the tools slightly differently, it’s just important to make informed decisions.
To directly answer the questions though:
1 - No there is not an easy global way of doing this
2 - Unit Level Access
3 - I think this is what was covered by most of the other posts.

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Thank you, Aaron.
For the answers and support.
Have a great weekend!

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The Closest I have found to Globally edit privilege’s (This also works for Remove)

  1. Manage, Members, Privileges
  2. Add Privileges
  3. Click off all patrols both scouts, and all adults on the left
  4. Choose the permission you want to grant - This updates everyone.

I have not found a way to globally grant unit/household in bulk. Only 1 by 1.

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There’s probably a number of us out there that recently migrated from SOAR where the ability to view and print the roster for the entire troop was default functionality for all members.

Our troop takes “boy led troop” to heart and the scouts are responsible for initiating communication to other scouts, adult leaders and merit badge counselors (always cc’ing a parent of course). The complete roster is needed to do so. However, with their default Privilege Access Level of “Self” and not having the roster privilege turned on, they’re unable to view the roster contact information.

On the positive side, we have a large troop (almost 200 scouts and adults). The downside is that I need to go into each one of them to bump up their level to Unit and then turn on the ability to view/print the roster. Also not sure if there’s any other unintended side effects from changing their privilege level. I’m presuming as we import new scouts and parents, there will be ongoing privilege maintenance for each of them.

Is there somewhere I can put in a feature request to add a setting to view/print the roster for any members at the Troop Settings level? This would add a lot of value streamlining the process, especially for other Troops migrating from SOAR.

Thanks in advance for reading.


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There is an “Ideas” section in the community you can use. #new-ideas


I just verified that with “Self” level access and “View and print troop roster” privilege enabled they are able to see the contact info, phone and e-mail, for everyone in the Troop, adults and Scouts. That is accessed from Communicate → Member Directories → Print Roster or Contact List.

If you give them Unit level access then they will be able to see all information for everyone in the Troop, including home address, and contact info, all advancements, participation everything that is held in TT is available for everyone with Unit level access to see.

I just posted today asking for feedback on creating default roles, please see this post:

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Thanks again for being so responsive and considering of our feedback.
Much appreciated!