Achievements auto populating

I would prefer to only see achievements that the girls in my GS troop have started working on. Is there a way to turn off the auto populate when a girl is added or promoted from a Junior to Cadette troop? I have gone through and deleted them, but am hoping to not have to do that again. And there were a few I couldn’t delete.

Also, why are the Night Owl and Animal Helpers badges in a separate section Cadette (other)?

Currently, there is not a way to turn off the auto-populate feature for awards. As far as deleting them, could you please let me know which ones you weren’t able to delete? That sounds like it might be a bug that needs to be fixed on our end.

I am not sure why Night Owl and Animal Helpers are in a different section, to be honest. I’ve taken a look at it on the back end and haven’t found anything so far that would explain or cause that. I will keep looking, though.

It is the Cadette Journey Awards that I can’t remove.