Add CPR/ FA icons on Manage > Units?

In Manage > Units, there is a little icon under the name of our Troop Coordinator. When I mouse over it, it says “Background check” and the date the background check was completed.

Can we have icons like this for non-expired CPR & First Aid certifications?

It would be very helpful for me to be able to look at the units on that screen and know immediately that I have met the CPR/ FA requirement.

Even better would be to also include these icons on the Details screen, in the list of Who’s Invited. I want to make sure I have invited enough CPR/ FA adults, and also that enough of them have RSVP’d Yes.

(An aside - why is it that only our TC has the background check icon next to her name? Every registered adult has had the AHG background check completed…)



Following up on my own idea: I would rather have the CPR/ FA icon than the background check icon, because I already know that all registered leaders have background checks. The CPR/ FA info would be more useful for a quick glance at Manage > Units, and too many icons would clutter up the screen.