Star Icons in Manage Unit

Is there a way to turn off the star icons in the Manage - Unit page? This is going to take up alot of screen room, we have some girls in our troop with close to 100 stars. I like being able to scroll thru everyone quickly.

Hi @saintvahg,

This currently isn’t a feature, but I like the idea. Let’s get a little more feedback from the community and we’ll see about getting an option out for this.

Thank you!

What if it just said something like:
4 Tenderheart service stars
7 Explorer service stars

and instead of saying “Tenderheart service stars” display the red service star? Blue for Explorer, etc.

I’m not really sure what the purpose is for displaying those stars on that particular screen, but they do look cute.

Maybe a better place for displaying those stars is the Dashboard?

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