Magic mailing list for Order of Arrow members

Can there be a magic mailing list for Scouts and Adults that are marked as being members of the OA (Order of Arrow)?
There are OA only events and it would make it easier to put those events on calendar and send out messages if there was a magic list.


Hi @ChrisJankowski,

You can certainly create a custom mailing list for those OA members. Go to Communicate > Custom Mailling List. Press “New Mailing List” and name it whatever you’d like then check the members you’d like to be in that mailling list.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Custom lists need manual updating. A magic mailing would be updated automatically when a scout or leader is marked as being in the OA, so no manual input needed.

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Hi @ChrisJankowski,

You may also consider creating a den/patrol and placing OA members in it. That will generate a mailing list for them as well.

As for automatically creating a magic mailing list, let’s see what the community has to say about it.


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Please do create a magic mailing list for OA members.

Alternatively, it would be great if custom mailing lists could be created using any system value, so they automatically update like magic mailing lists do, but for any field in TroopTrack that a Unit might have need to do.

Having to create manual list, or a patrol, just doubles the work – you have to update their OA records and update the mailing list or patrol list. Having magic mailing lists or the ability to create automatically updating lists would solve that issue and would be a huge benefit.


Is there a way put ideas out for the community to vote on? Maybe some special kind of post that is up for a while that people will see and can comment and vote on?


That’s actually the whole point of the community. You vote with comments and “+1”'s and likes on people’s ideas.

We read every single post. Some ideas we already have on our todo list. Some we may be unsure about and need more user feedback. The final category is just bad ideas and I don’t have the heart to tell a person it isn’t that good so we just let the community vote on it with their feedback (often there is none for these).

The Community has been HUGE in helping us see where users want us to proceed with development. Unfortunately, many people are still going to the helpdesk and asking the same questions again and again. The helpdesk is for transfers, imports, and personal matters (that we deem helpdesk worthy). I just can’t figure out how people are still finding their way to the helpdesk. We hid it. I can help you SO much faster if you post here in the community (I often drop what I’m doing to answer a new post in the community).

I get that, but was thinking more like an idea that is high lighted when you come into the community page. Not everyone reads every post in the community and they may miss ideas that they would like to also see. Just an idea.

That’s a good idea. The community isn’t actually one of our products, we had to buy it, but I think it’s an idea worth looking into.

The community says YES!

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Another thread…same topic…same answer :frowning:

yes please, a magic mailing list for OA would be very helpful

Is this possible without moving them out of their “real” patrol? I thought you could only be assigned to one patrol at a time.

Unfortunately, no, but you can go to Communicate > Custom Mailing List to create just a mailing list and add those members into it in the meantime.