Import Merit Badge Counselor list provided by council

Our council is asking all troops what troop program we all use.

They want to know who can import council approved merit badge counselor into their program like troop master does. This way we can import the council merit badge list of counselors and what merit badges that will do. So when a scout request to do a merit badge we can go into Troop Track and select the scout and start a merit badge, then select the merit badge counselor and print out the blue card so that the scout can contact the counselor and get started.

I believe we would also need some way to flush the merit badge counselor list when importing an updating list from council.


Hi @Troop775,

We’ve done this before for a one-off district and we could offer this for everyone if there’s enough interest.

Thanks for asking. I can’t wait to hear what the community says!

Any other troops out there looking for a way to upload council/district merit badge list?

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Great idea- one of the biggest questions I get as Scoutmaster is “who is a merit badge counselor for X merit badge?” I always end up having to manually search the list the district and council provides and send it to them via email.

I think the biggest hurdle with this is that every district and council does their merit badge counselor lists differently so importing them into TroopTrack would be a real challenge. My district is pretty lazy and they dump it into a horribly-formatted .txt file. As far as I know, our council doesn’t even make the list publicly accessible- I had to ask for a few months for a copy and they finally sent it to me since they realized our scouts were totally crippled from advancing due to a lack of MB counselors.

How do other councils/districts maintain and distribute their MB counselors lists? That would be the first question to help the developers know the scope of what importing would require.

Still liking this idea :slight_smile:

I definitely have a need for an easy import and update of the Merit Badge
Counselors List.

I am a new user getting everything added, edited, imported both from ScoutNet and TroopMaster.

As far as I can tell… I have to input all the Merit Badge Counselors manually.

We have at least 50 counselors and I really don’t want to hand enter them all. +1 for an import tool or feature or what not.


Our scoutmaster is using the scoutmaster tracker application. It is a standalone application but he is very good at keeping all the scouts records updated. I just became the scout chair. I want to have the ability to import his files into our troops records for each of the boys. I have searched all the settings on the application but I do not see an action that implies the ability to import records. I believe " misully2002" mentioned that he has done this for another troop before. Could I please request to have this done for our troop? My contact information is update in troop tracker. The best way to reach me is by my cell.

thanks so much