Add RSVP notification email to Adult Coordinator

Can we add an option to turn on to send the Adult Coordinator an email that someone has RSVPed to an event?

One example of when we would use it is an event that is for requesting volunteers.

Another example is that I use Sign-up Genius site to schedule Scoutmaster Conference reservations. I publish my availability on this site. I publish more time slots than Scouts sign up. Often I don’t have to show up at the meeting location. The option and burden of responsibility is on the Scout, not me to find a time that works for him and me. The Scouts are enabled and empowered on when a Scoutmaster Conference is possible. The only reason I use Sign Up Genius is because of the notification that a Scout has booked a time. I know from the notification to show up from the email.

For larger events for lots of RSVPs (our Troop is 86 Scouts and 190 parents) I think I would NOT want to get an email PER reservation. Maybe a single days summary if the RSVP changed.
Day 1 = 5 Scouts listed
Day 2 = 5 previous listed + 7 new RSVP listed,
Day 3 = no changes and no email would be sent.
Day 4 = 12 previous + 4 new

I would keep it in house on TroopTrack, schedule the time slots on the calendar for the Scout to RSVP.


Hi @MatthewPodraza,

I’ve seen this request before and it didn’t get much backing. Let’s see if it gets some more traction this time.

Thanks for posting your idea!


@ChristyWestover1 and @schwammrs

Would this be helpful for your troops? I know it would be in our troop!



Hi Matt,

This is a feature I support. I see where troops could use this feature. I don’t know how much my unit would use it, but you never know… :grinning:

I’d like to see an option maybe in troop settings where this option could be turned off or on.




Yes, it would be nice. If it also includes rsvp NOTES (it whatever the comments people can leave are called), then it would be SUPER.

(Some people leave notes which expect a reply. But I only see them when I go online to check rsvp numbers!)


Perhaps to cut down on emails, it could show RSVP summary for all the events that person is the coordinator for. We have a few people who are listed as the coordinator for most events. I bet they’d appreciate getting 1 email a day with 13 updates rather than 13 emails with 1 update each .


I just received this request at a committee meeting last night. This would definitely work for our troop.


I would totally use this feature - one email each day that there are any new RSVPs.

Useful info in the RSVP update email would be:
names of parents who will attend,
names of scouts who will attend,
ranks of the scouts,
number of adult guests,
number, ages, and genders of siblings. (not sure that info is captured in the RSVP process…)

Thanks for proposing!


These are definitely features we’d use in our Troop! I see the initial thought went down two tracks with the replies, and I agree with both scenarios.

  1. We have to go outside TroopTrack as well for various event sign ups, since the calendar, event planning or sign ups in TT does not support this type of event planning/sign up scenario. I’d prefer to see TroopTrack bring it all in house with a Time To Sign Up styled option.

  2. Also, to have a certain leader or two emailed that an RSVP has occured/changed on an event that is calendared in TT would be very helpful.

Great ideas and it’d be some fun programming!

Jen C.


Our pack would definitely use this feature. Our events coordinator is very frustrated that it does not have this feature.


I also made a similar request.
Continuing the discussion from Option To Be Notified of RSVPS:

How can we drum up enough support to have this implemented?

We have quite a few events on our calendar and it is a pain to go into each event just to see if someone has RSVPd or not. I miss being able to receive an email whenever someone RSVPs like we did on our old troop site. It was optional (we had to check a box that we wanted to be notified of changes). It was also helpful because it gave us a timestamp of when people RSVPd or withdrew their RSVP, etc. Hopefully others would find this useful.


Time slots would be a big help in Show and Sells also.
Right now I am creating 6 events on the same day with different times.
I also think the notification options are a big help!



I didn’t want to be greedy - but this would make scheduling Scoutmaster Conferences easier.

Can we please break the time slots thing into a new “idea”. That sounds kind of interesting to me. Describe how you’d like this feature to work a bit more, too.

Thank you.

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I think this a great idea. I would not hold the lack of votes against it, I probably get this question 10 times a month from our members.

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Sorry but I am the opposite. I would not want to get all of those RSVP e-mails. As a leader I would rather log in and check when it is convient for me.

That’s why we are proposing that it be optional. On our previous troop site I got emails when everyone RSVPd and it solved a lot of issues. Also when we have multiple events like my troop does it’s really a pain to go into every single one just to see if new people RSVPd. Also we ran into a waiting list situation where we had no way of seeing who RSVPd first, where previously that would have been easily solved since the emails were time stamped. So it would definitely be a situation where if people (like me) wanted to have this feature I’d just check the box in our settings.

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