Adding a second unit

How do I create a second unit? A new BSA Troop for my daughter?

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Good question… following…
According to our local BSA council, any female BSA Troops that are associated with an existing boy troop/chartered org will have the same Troop number.

We’re facing this same question as we’re adding a female unit next month. My first thought was to apply for a second account in TroopTrack, but most of our events are going to be combined so we really want one calendar. A second account would also mean all the adult leaders would need to register with the female unit (we’re going with one committee overseeing both units) as well as male unit – not sure that’s possible unless you use a different email address. We’ll also have some families with both a boy and a girl registered and they’ll want the financial accounts linked/shared. For these reasons I’m now thinking we’ll just add the females to our existing TroopTrack account. They’ll be in a separate patrol so we can communicate just with them when needed.

Is there any official guidance from TroopTrack on how a second unit should be handled? Has anyone else already done this, and if so did you create a separate account or just add the females to your existing unit? Any gotchas/issues to share?

Here is another article about basically the same thing. One big gotcha mentioned there with keeping a single TT account and the girls in a specific Patrol would be the Advancement Submissions through TurboNet, since it will be a different unit according to BSA it will have its own Pin and password. Not impossible to get around but would require someone being careful as to how they are submitting advancements to Council.

To just specifically answer your original question though about creating a second unit, here is the Application from BSA National.

Found another thread about same issue with more discussion so moving my post to there:
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