Additional Leadership Position for BSA/Cub Scouts

Can we have Outdoor Activity Chair add to the BSA/Cub Scout leadership positions? It’s a committee position.


Yes. I actually added this like ten times before I realized it wasn’t working. I guess the Boy Scout youth leadership positions are different from other types and have to be added by a developer. I have a ticket in to add this and a ticket in to allow me to have access to that. Hopefully, soon!

Just to clarify, Outdoor Activity Chair isn’t a youth position. It’s an adult leader position on the Committee. I might be misreading what your saying though.

The adult position should be available.

Got it. Guess I missed it when I was searching. Thanks for the quick responses!

Spoke to soon. This is a Cub Scout Leader position. The list you posted is for a Troop not a Pack. What I see is below.

My apologies. Should be available now.

No worries. I imagine you’re juggling between several requests and other issues. I’m just waiting for work reports to finish running. Thanks for the help!