Advice on which Privileges should be limited to site administrators

I’m looking for advice or recommendations on what “privileges” should limited to a few site administrators. Our TT site has been running for a few years now, people have joined and left, and we have a lot of users with admin privileges that probably don’t need.

For example, “Manage money accounts”, “Manage troop settings”, “Manage privileges” should be limited to those managing the site. Are there other privileges that should be limited?

Similarly, privileges like “Manage troop members” or “View inbox” also seem appropriate for a site admin, but I’m not clear if taking them away would negatively impact folks using the site’s comminication features.


We keep ours pretty basic. For families who are parent helpers only, they get basic access like below. It allows them to only deal with their kids.

Our Ministry Team (Board) has almost all privileges as we are all in and out of TT updating things.

Our Leaders permissions look like this:

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Thanks Crissi,

We probably should also limit parents (not adult leaders) to their “household” level, as you do!

So all Board/Committee members have full site administration privileges (like “manage privileges” or “manage money”), or do you restrict these capabilities to a smaller group of site administrators?


We actually limit our adult members to those same privileges including household as well. We have many adult members who are only members to do things like camping but are not involved in the troop leadership.

AHG has a difference between leaders and adult members. And then we have “just” parents. Our adult leaders have have Unit privileges. Our adult members and parents have the same privileges with only “Household” access.

Most of our Board have full administration privileges. The “manage Privileges” and “Manage Money” is typically reserved to National Board members and not the full Ministry Team. Our Outdoor Skills, Service, and Events, while part of our decision making Team, they don’t typically need those, so we will leave them off their privileges.


@SRUEDU What access do you normally have for your scouts?

Our girls only have access to TT once they hit 6th grade. Our girls 7-12th are responsible for entering their own completed requirements. Our girls’ privileges look like this:

Hope that helps!

That’s perfect. Thanks Crissi!

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