How should I read the privileges list?

So, when I bring up a committee members’s privileges, it says UNIT, but there is nothing listed under it. Does this mean that she doesn’t actually have any privileges yet? Then, when I click on the [Edit] button, I get a pop up window with a whole list of things she might do, but none of the boxes are checked off.

From my understanding if you want the entire troop to be able to access something, it has at the “self” or “household”. If it’s set at “Troop” level, only those who have complete troop access will be able to see that document. HTH

Access level basically refers to how many members of your unit (troop, pack, etc.) the person can see:

  • Unit: all
  • Patrol (or Den, etc.): just the members of the patrol they are in
  • Household: just the members of their houshold
  • Self: just themselves

The check boxes indicate what they can do with that information. You need to give them whatever privileges they need to do their job.

For example, in order to record achievements/rank advancements the user will need the “edit user achievement records” privilege. If they only have “Self” access level they can only record their own achievements. If they have “Unit” access level that same check box gives them the ability to record achievements for the entire unit.

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I believe you’re referring to how troop documents are handled, but I think the OP is asking about privileges in a more generic sense.

Well, DUH!! I totally misread that! We had all sorts of issues with the documents and access levels, I never even through about the privileges from that standpoint. We just kept it simple, scouts get self, parents get household, leaders get Unit. Then we didn’t have to worry about anyone accidentally inputing things where they shouldn’t. I never even considered the differences and what it would mean for individuals. Apparently my brain was in a fog! :roll_eyes: