After hiding RSVP Notes, I would like to get them back

So, one of my parents was nice enough to include some notes on his RSVP. Then I clicked on the hide button, and Bang! the note was gone.

The handy feature of that TT uses to search when someone adds an idea brought up this ‘ask a question’ posting, in which Matt said the feature was removed.

I’d like it back, please. Maybe a setting could be added for the user to hide the unhide button or something, but for the life of me, I can’t see why someone would want to do that.

Anyone else besides me?

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Yes, I’m not sure why the feature to “hide a note” doesn’t have the “un-hide all” feature — which it sounds like it did, but for some unknown reason it was removed

This feature could (should?) be available for just users with a specific permission…

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This is an old thread but the issue still needs to be addressed. The unhiding of an RSVP note is a feature that is needed. What is the point having the hide function if it can not be undone. Remove the hide feature if an unhide feature is not being implemented.