Age Out Makes Scout a Parent


I pressed “Age Out” on a Scout this morning who has…aged out at 18. He automatically became a “Parent” - he’s not a parent. He’s still a sibling of another Scout. He’s merely an adult in the household. How can I get this changed? I don’t want him to now receive all parent communication for the household.

I see you have it logged as a bug (Issue #1552) but it’s 300 days old. Should it be fixed by now?


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You just need to remove the scout from the household and he will be marked as an adult.

So when he ages out he is no longer part of the household.

I have the same problem as well- the only way we are able to keep the scouts together as a family unit is to have all of these siblings live in the system as parents.

We usually keep these older scouts as members of our Unit Scouting Reserve, especially after they gain their Eagle, and it’s awkward to have them receive parent emails.