Aging out a Scout to Adult removes leadership positions

I recently aged out a Scout at 18 years old. When we were looking for his leadership history for his Eagle Ceremony - all of his Scout leadership was not listed.

Is this intended behavior?

Can it not be? I would like to have the leadership history remain.

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Hi @MatthewPodraza,

This is intended behavior. There are different leadership positions for adults an youth. If you want to go back and see the old leadership positions, go to the user’s profile, under member details - press edit. Check the “Youth?” box and update the details and you will be able to see the old positions.

It’s the same with achievements. You will no longer be able to add or edit youth achievements when someone is aged out. You will only be able to add the adult achievements.

The difference is that achievements lets you still view prior earned Ranks and Merit Badges.

If you would like the added ability to just view the old, youth leadership positions, you will need to change the category of this post to “Ideas” and our developers may consider it.

Thanks for asking!

Moved to ideas.

To have previous history of the Scout remain listed even when converted to an adult. I can fully appreciate that the adult shouldn’t hold a current position as an example a patrol leader once an adult.


If you change this to idea I would support you. View only would be fine.

Now an idea. Ding - the lightbulb is on.

This would be very helpful. I’d love to see this.