Correct Magic Mailing Lists

I have a couple of boys that are now adults but are still showing up on youth magic mailing lists.

I think this happens because there is no end date under the Leadership tab of the profile.

Since we have aged out these boys in TT, how can we assign an end date to their youth roles?



Hi @sgaines,

Did you use the “Age Out” feature?

Using this feature should remove them from the scouts magic mailing list.

Just go to the scout’s profile and at the top of the page next to “Quick switch”, “Delete”, and “Deactivate”, you should see “Age Out.”


Hi @mlsully2002,

I am assuming the Aged Out option was used, since they show up as an adult under Patrols.



That’s strange. I just tested out the feature and it worked.

You may need to manually mark them as youth again by going to their profile, pressing “Edit” next to basic info, and checking the “Youth” box and then use the “Age Out” feature again.

Where are they in your patrols? If they are still in a patrol with scouts, they will still be on that mailing list.

Thanks @mlsully2002,

I’ll give that a try.