Updated leadership positions for adults showing in Patrols

We updated leadership positions for our adults (committee chair, scoutmaster, etc.) as of 1/2017. I noticed that the old positions still show up under the adult’s name under “Manage Patrols”. What triggers that to update? Does the leadership need to be entered with certain start and stop dates? Does each position need to be mutually exclusive? (as in: ASM x to y, Committee Chair y to z, ASM, z to — ) to make it pull the most recent position?

Doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Scout leadership ranks, just the Adults.

Hi @RuthyDahlinghaus,

Everything should have an expiration date before today’s date except the current leadership position. If there are multiple, unexpired positions, the system will choose and I can’t remember if it is the first one made or what the selection process is.

Just put expiration dates in the old ones and you should be all set.