AHG: An easy way to show girl's level in their unit

It would be helpful if there was some way to show each girl’s year designation in their unit. For example, Tenderheart 1, Tenderheart 2, Tenderheart 3 or Pioneer 1, Pioneer 2, etc. Perhaps this could be a notation next to their name (Ex: T1, Ex3, Pa2). Or all girls at the same level would have a designated color. This would be very helpful to Unit Leaders so they could see which girls in their unit are preparing to cross over, or what year religious recognition they should be working on, etc. It would help leaders and and troop board members plan their program year.

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This would be extremely helpful to keep track of you is eligible to move up. It would also be great if there was a way to track the number of years a girl has been in the rank. For example, a new girl could be a Explorer 3, but since it is her only year as an explorer, she only needs one service star for the level award.

Hi y’all,

The unit levels can be seen on the units page by clicking on the gear icon, “edit Troop settings” and then clicking on “TroopTrack settings”. There, under “general settings”, the feature of “Show Unit levels on Manage Unit page” can be turned on.


David Keener

I tried this for our troop and it shows the girl’s level (Tenderheart, Explorer, etc) but doesn’t show their year in the unit (Tenderheart 1, Tenderheart 2, Tenderheart 3, etc). Is there some place we can enter this information so it can be visible?