AHG Hiking Badge

Our Explorers are earning the Hiking badge right now and I noticed an error in the way the badge requirements were listed. #1 (which is usually just a Tenderheart requirement) is required for ALL levels. For our Explorers (and I assume Pi/Pa as well) it’s just listed down with the optional requirements. All of my Explorer girls are showing 100% on that badge even though they still lack the hike required with #1. Could someone please take #1 off of the optionals and put it up top with the required requirements for all of the levels so there won’t be any % confusion going forward?

Next time Melissa works, she will look into this. She specializes in these things.

Thank you.

I haven’t noticed any changes on the Hiking badge yet. Has Melissa had a chance to look at it yet?

Not yet, she said she would look at all the ones I sent her this week, though.