Fixing the AHG awards

We have several AHG awards that share/reuse requirements that do not calculate correctly because of the way that they have been entered into the system.

For example, for a given badge, the Explorers might need to do requirements 8-10, and any two additional requirements. Currently, 8-10 are considered required, and everything else is an elective options. Sometimes, this works great. However, this presents issues when requirement 8 involves completing the Tenderheart requirements (requirement 1-3, as an example). So 1-3 should not be counted as electives, but they currently are being counted as such.

Obviously, this is an issue for AHG users and one we would like to address. However, we also don’t want to break anything or cause any major issues with existing awards. We plan on testing this with just one set of awards first (probably Photography). We would appreciate feedback from our AHG users to let us know if it works as intended when we update the badge!

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I have two related issues:

  1. Explorers, Pioneers, and Patriots are not allowed to use any of the lower level requirements (those with a vest by it) as an elective (this was told to me by Nationals). Currently, every badge I have worked with shows that they are available as electives, even if they issue you presented above doesn’t exist.
  2. Girls are also only able to use an elective once throughout their scouting journey…is there a way that once an elective is marked off (say, at the TH level), it is no longer available at the EX level or above? For example, if a girl completes elective #4 as a TH, she is unable to use it again once she has moved up to a higher level.

Thank you! I appreciate it, and have fun on your vacation!! :slight_smile:

The first issue is an easy fix. I can simply leave those requirements off of the list of electives. The second issue would be a little more complicated, and is something I would have to discuss with our developer. Even if we are able to do it, it would be quite awhile before it is a functional feature on the site.

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Actually, some of the required requirements (with the uniforms) can be used for electives according to others from National. (of course not those that are "go to tenderheart level and do #1-3 type ones).

Troop Track needs to work with the Program department to make sure that current official policies are being followed.

@VictoriaBement @AndyAnderson1 I will check with AHG National about this before proceeding and post here what I find out. :slight_smile:

We were told that you could use requirements as electives a few years ago as well. After seeing this thread, and a few others with similar questions on the AHG forum, we reached out to National this week and received this in response:

Hi -------:

Yes, you are correct. You can use an optional from a lower level but not a requirement.

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I was wondering if there are any plans to address these issues? I have a few comments about this topic.
Using the Fire Building and Safety badge as an example, would like to see the following setup:
TH Level Badge: Requirements 1-4 should be listed in the required section. In the elective section 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24. The “vested” requirement for the higher levels should not be listed as an elective for a lower level badge. I believe that National’s position is that vested requirements can never be used as an elective for any level. But I think we can all agree that lower level should never use a higher vested requirement.

EX Level Badge: Requirements 8-12 in the required section. In the elective section 5,6,7,13,14,15,20,21,22,23,and 24. The “vested” requirement for TH cannot be used as electives for EX since they are part of the EX requirement 8.
Pi/Pa Level Badge: Requirements 16-19 in the required section. In the elective section 5,6,7,13,14,15,, and 24. The "vested requirements for EX cannot be used as electives for PiPa since they are part of the PiPa requirement 16.

The other option would be to expand the EX requirement 8 or the PiPa requirement 16 in the requirement section to show all of the components. So on the EX badge the requirement 8 would be broken down to show 1, 2, 3, and 4. (Similar to the 12 nights of camping requirement)
There are a few badges that have a requirement that required for all levels, ie the creative writing badge. The first requirement is needed for all levels, and it should never be listed as an elective. So the way TT is setup, this requirement is treated as one of the electives for the higher levels.
Another idea would be from the program to only allow the appropriate number of electives to be entered. Meaning that on a TH badge only allow one elective to be selected. I understand that is a question for the programmer and may not be possible. However, it would be useful. Since girls are not supposed to reuse electives, I will look at TT to see which elective was used at a lower level. So when users over mark the elective section, it is a bit frustrating. Which brings me to my other idea - remove the “All Requirement” button. In my opinion it is a dangerous button!
I realize that this thread is over a year old, but I am hoping that this issue can be revisited.