Correcting the AHG Awards

Two weeks ago, we posted on the Community that we were going to be fixing the requirements for the AHG awards: Fixing the AHG awards. This is to address two issues. First, when sub-requirements for one level required girls to complete multiple other requirements (ex: Explorers need to complete 7-9, and requirement 7 is to complete requirements 1-2), we placed those sub-sub-requirements appropriately with the sub-requirement that they belonged to. Secondly, a user commented on the previous post and let us know that (per AHG National), requirements for another level cannot be repeated as electives for another level, except where specified (ex: Tenderhearts need to complete 1-3, so Explorers can only use 1-2 to fulfill requirement 9, while Pioneers and Patriots can’t use any of them as electives).

Due to the way the system is set up, this will mean creating new versions of the awards and “retiring” the previous versions. This will allow the existing versions to continue functioning properly (so that we don’t break anyone’s achievement pages), while also making sure that the updated/corrected version is what people are adding/using from this point forward.

Before performing a massive overhaul of all of the badges, we wanted to let you know that we are testing it on one badge only first (across all levels). We have chosen the Photography badge to test. The new award will show up with two asterisks after the name, like this: Photography (T)**. We have retired the previous versions.

We are posting this on the Community, the Facebook page, and the Product Updates of the website in order to obtain feedback on the implementation of this with just the Photography badge, before we started overhauling all of the awards. If you notice any problems or have any additional feedback to share regarding this issue, please reply directly to this post (on Facebook and the Community) or send an email to me at :slight_smile:

So after typing a very long a detailed explanation of my idea/thoughts on this issue, I found this response. Is there an update on the progress of the badges being updated to the new method? From what I can tell the Photograph badge works well.