AHG: Limited Leader-award options

In our Troop account, I’m trying to add leader awards for leaders to their records. I go to “start achievement” and for some, I have a full list of achievements to choose from. For other leaders, I have a limited selection that does not include the “gem of a leader” award I need. Please help!

I’m having that same issue.

Agreed a problem. I have not seen an identifiable pattern of why each leader’s award options are so different. Looking forward to an explanation and/or fix.

I have a theory. Check the Gem if a Leader FAQ on Connect. I don’t think assistant leaders can earn. I don’t know if you are trying to add for them or not…

That is not my issue. I can add leader awards to adults who are no longer registered adults and can not for 3 current leaders (all unit leaders). Gem of a Leader is an option for me to add to all the registered adults that we have in TT regardless of their current role.

See screenshots below:

This leader never earned Gem of a Leader and I can add it to their record

This leader earned Gem of a Leader (Ruby) previously and it is not available to add again but other awards are

This leader can not have any leader awards added to their record

Hi @SumaPenrose, @emily_w_walker,

First I just want to apologize for the late response. I understand when something doesn’t work right that can be frustrating.

I went into all of your accounts and was able to re-create the problem. I’m currently trying to find out why this happens, but rest assured I have alerted the tech team to this issue and they will also be finding a fix for this issue.

Let me know if you have any questions,

David Keener

Hi everyone,

We have recently fixed this bug, so leader awards should be working now!! You should be able to view them for all leaders.

Let me know if anyone continues to have issues, or see this problem in the future.

David Keener

I am still not able to add Leader Award in a Girl Scout TroopTrack. is there any way to add that in? I would also like to be able to customize leader award so that if they are getting a patch for an event attendance I can add them to it so that that it shows up on my shopping list. thanks!