AHGConnect download - Deselecting non-returning members?

AHG does not remove members until 9/30 each year. However, there are members that we know are not returning, and we have deactivated them in TroopTrack. When I go to download new information from AHGConnect, it wants to load information from these deactivated members. It would be really helpful if I could de-select those members and only download the active member information.


Hi @Haggard,

This is a great idea and is on our todo list. We are still trying to find the best way to handle it and it’s not at the front of our list, but we are discussing a way to be able to deselect people who you don’t want to be updated or reentered.


I’ve brought this up before and am waiting patiently…

I’m glad to hear it is on your list, but it really should be handled sooner than later. The church that charters our troop had a turnover of leadership, which (sadly) can involve quite a divide…It is important for the safety and privacy of families for us to be able to permanently remove members in circumstances like this. Every troop needs to be in control of who has access to information about our girls and families. We should be able to truly “manage” our units and who is listed in them. This goes for ahgconnect as well.


You may want to talk to AHG about that one. If it’s not in AHG Connect, it won’t be integrated. If a problem arises like the one you described, having it solved at the root level would be better. Deactivating accounts will prevent them from getting access and deleting them will remove them from the system. If an account is deleted and then brought back via an integration, they should not be able to log in. It should be a whole new invite process. We will work on this feature, but there are some other ones we need to resolve first.

Hope that helps for now.

Once I downloaded, I did realize that the integration does NOT activate members that I have deactivated, which I was concerned would happen, so that is a good thing! So I suppose it’s not a huge rush on this. I would like to see it happen, though.

Also, I found that the integration will create a new member if a middle name is in a different field, and a new household if the address says “Street” in one address, and “St” in the other, but everything else is the same. Makes it important to load new people from AHGConnect instead of entering them yourself or you end up with multiple record duplications that need to be fixed. Ugh!

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