Missing AHG Leadership Data for Individual Member

Good afternoon, TroopTrack Team.

There is an ongoing problem with a member record in AHG troop MD1212. Although she has been a member since 24 Sept 2019, it does not appear in the Leadership tab within the TroopTrack record. In addition, the TroopTrack “Registered Member” field is “No”. Perhaps there is a disconnect as the data is ingested from AHG Connect.

A screenshot from AHGconnect shows the membership history.

The individual’s middle name is not listed in AHGconnect but it is in TroopTrack. Could that be causing a mismatch? The birth date, address, etc. is consistent across both. Data for older sibling populating as expected.

Thank you for your assistance. Please let me know if you need additional information to investigate the issue.


Hi @MargaretMello,

The name in AHG connect and TroopTrack must be exactly the same in order for the “sync with AHG connect” to sync with their profile in TroopTrack.

I’m also seeing that Theresa’s account in TroopTrack is deactivated, but this can be reactivated by clicking on “manage”, “members” and deactivated users.


David Keener


Thank you for your prompt response!

It turns out that the key in this case was the deactivated record you mentioned. There were two accounts for the same girl: one with the registration data from AHG Connect and one that had been used for all of the events, badge work, and activities. It seems likely that the middle name caused a mismatch prompting the creation of the second upon an “Integrate with AHG Connect”. That second maintained the connection. Once I deleted the linked but otherwise inferior account and removed the middle name from the other, I was able to successfully re-integrate.

Resolved! :smiley:


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