AHGConnect - import new girls into TroopTrack

I am the Registrar and Advancement Chair for my AHG troop. How do I import the new members from AHGConnect into TroopTrack?

You will need to have your Troop Coordinator Integrate with TT. It’s a function only the TC can do. Once they integrate, you will have all your new girls listed in TT. :slight_smile: It’s under Manage -> Settings -> Integrate.

Thanks! That seems silly for me to be able to get people registered on AHG, but I am not allowed to import them into TroopTrack.

It’s something only the TC can do. I am the VC for our troop, and for two years previous, I was also the Advancement Coordinator as well as Registrar for our troop. Connect will put the girls in TT for you, you just have to send them an invite to use TT. Or you can do it all manually and add the girls into TT. But if your TC integrates, you will have duplicate girls. I’m not sure if that is a TT thing or a National thing.

I imported my girls and their families, do I now need to invite them?