AHGConnect Merge duplicate girl in TroopTrack

We are getting a duplicate member because in TroopTrack we have a nickname, so I think it isn’t matching on the first name. Can I merge these 2 records? I don’t want to lose all the badge tracking we have done in TroopTrack. Thanks!

It’s been three weeks. Have you figured out a solution? If not, try this:

  1. delete the person who was created from the AHGconnect integrate step (the one without the badge tracking, etc).
  2. change the names of the person you want to keep to be exaclty the same as what is shown in AHGconnect
  3. run the AHGconnect integrate step. hopefully you won’t have a duplicate again!
  4. change the name of the person back to whatever you want it to be.
  5. run the integrate step again to verify that you still don’t get duplicates. it seems like once a record in AHGconnect has downloaded and “merged” with a record in TT (beacuse they were identical), it will ‘remember’ that connection even if names are changed later.

Hope that helps,