Alert when reaching badge milestones

As suggested, I’m creating this as a separate post;

It would be great to have an alert somewhere when a member reaches a milestone in their kilometres walked or nights camped. These are as below;

Kilometers - 10km, 50km, 100km, 150km or 200km
Camping in Tents - 10 nights, 25 nights, 50 nights or 75 nights


Enhancement ticket number: 2417

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I created Custom Awards for Service and Camping Nights. I like the “Walkabout” Award.

I too would love to have triggers on the awards if a criteria is met when we create the award. Maybe in the requirements?

I just got approval from my Committee to do these patches and getting them designed.

These awards will look similar to the Army Sargent stripes with the main patch as the center and the additional ones being the arches that go above the main center one.

Benjamin Franklin Volunteer Award Complete 25 Service Hours.
“Well done is better than well said.”

Benjamin Franklin Volunteer Award Supplemental Award Serve and additional 25 service hours.

Constellation Camping (30) Orion Camping nights of 30 or more. Base Patch
Constellation Camping (45) Ursa Minor Camping nights of 45 or more. Red Band Patch
Constellation Camping (60) Usra Major Camping nights of 60 or more. Blue band patch
Constellation Camping (75) Perceus Camping nights of 75 or more. Silver Band Patch
Constellation Camping (90) Hercules Camping nights of 90 or more. Silver Band Patch
Constellation Camping (105) Taurus Camping nights of 105 or more. Silver Band Patch