Better quick switcher, percent complete, and no more explorer badges on pioneer tabs! (03/11/2016)

Some minor changes went live this morning:

1) The "quick switcher" link on user profiles was great for switching between the achievement tabs of users, but not so great if you were working on the money tab or other tabs. One of our users in Australia pointed this out and we have updated the quick switcher to switch to the same tab you are currently on of the user you select.

2) We've been having problems calculating the percent complete value for certain awards, particularly in cub scouts. We have fixed the problem and the next time you make any changes to awards the percent complete will calculate properly.

If you don't want to wait for that, just open a help desk ticket and ask us to recalculate percent complete for your entire pack/troop/group.

3) For AHG troops we were showing Explorer badges on the Pioneer tab for certain girls. We have fixed that.

That's it! I'm off to Orlando tomorrow morning for a week. We will have reduced help desk availability during this time as it is spring break for half of our staff and we all want to take vacations.

Have a great day!



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Hi! I’m still having trouble with the rank badges for Cub Scouts not calculating correctly. I have a boy who completed all the requirements and it’s calculating 66%. Help!