Camper and Walkabout Badges - Scouts Australia

Can we please have the Camper and Walkabout badges added to Scouts Australia?

These can fall under “Other Achievements Used by Your Group”. This badge is available to all members regardless of section, and continues with the individual throughout their time as a member. As the individual reaches the amount of kilometres or camped nights, the appropriate badge is awarded and would replace the previous if applicable.

In addition to this, it would be nice to be alerted when a member reaches each milestone for a new badge. We currrently add the details to each event where applicable, but manually have to check before each event and then after to see who has met a new badge requirement.

Hi @Keneu,

We’d be glad to add the above badges. If you have a link to a PDF or something containing that info, it would be super helpful and allow us to get it done quicker.

For your other request, we have many tools for this, but not a specific alert feature like you mentioned. Not opposed to adding it, but because it is a separate thing, I would ask that you add it as its own post either under the Scouts Australia specific page or under the “Ideas” category.


I don’t have a PDF available, only screenshots like I’ve posted above. It is the same requirements and information for each number. I could link to the page, but it is a Scouts Australia member only page. There’s not much to it, Hike 10km, 50km, 100km, 150km or 200km and receive the corresponding numbered badge. Same for the nights camping.

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