"All Requirements Completed" should check all checkboxes underneath

In the badge progress screens, if we select the “all requirements met” checkbox, then all child checkboxes underneath should be checked automatically.

How is that helpful, to me it would be misleading?
I can appreciate that for some reports it’s nice to see everything checked off, but Dave recently added the top level completion dates and pct complete shows as 100% even though the sub-tasks are not signed off.
From an implementation perspective for a new troop, we just signed off the top level of badges that were already complete, and only completed the lower sub tasks statii for badgework that was still in progress.
Would you then also be wanting the Reverse, such that unchecking all requirements met automatically unchecks all the subtasks?
Thinking through what you’ve proposed though has operational concerns, as follows:-
Say you’re tracking a scouts subtasks for a target badge, and in this case they are ~50% complete. Then someone accidentally checks all requirements met; OOPs, all subtask tracking is now indeterminate, and having the Reverse feature to uncheck them all doesn’t recover the lost detail.
I think I prefer to know and retain what detail wasn’t individually tracked when a target badge is signed off as all requirements met!
Sorry to be of a different opinion here.

Following Edited on May 22nd:-
Actually, I must offer an apology, because I’ve realised that I’ve misinterpreted the original proposal as if it were referring to the completion details (Completed On Date & Recognised Checkbox) encountered during the Record Progress for an Individual, rather than the Record Achievement Progress in Bulk. Here I agree, it would make sense that if the “All Requirements Completed” Checkbox is ticked, that all the sub-tasks could be checked off and dated as well as part of the same update.
Sorry for the confusion.

For our troop that only works for patches or other things where the girls don’t have to complete optional items. With badges, each level has to complete a certain number of required items and then a certain number of optional requirements (those optional numbers change with each level). We use the “All Requirements Completed” when awarding patches that don’t have any optional requirements. We will check that box, and then list the activity that the girls were at that allowed them to earn the patch. It’s never an option for us to check that box for badges b/c the girls often complete different optional reqs and we’d have no way of knowing/checking which they did.