All times shifted by 2 hours


There have been a few issues with the TT calendar over the last month. Events disappearing or not showing up after being created.

Most recently (in the last week) all of the event times shifted by 2 hours. I went through and corrected all of our upcoming events, but this seems like a big problem to me.


Hi @cspk297admn,

If you’re not seeing an event you can click the “all events” on the calendar page to view all events. The different calendar views allow you to narrow down what event types you see.

I’m not able to recreate this issue. All the events for our test troop have stayed at the same times and I haven’t had any other users report this issue either. Is this on the TroopTrack calendar or is it after copying the calendar link and placing the calendar in a third party calendar?


David Keener

Hi David,

Yes, I did try the “all events” button. This was a month or two ago. This was the parent meeting in May and one other event that everyone in the pack was invited to. I added the events back in when I found them missing.

For the time shift, I’m not sure if this would have anything to do with it, but I did change one of the pack settings. I changed our district name. Is it possible something there affected the time zone or something?