Allow unit to remove "Possibly Going"?

Is there a way to create a setting so we can turn off “Possibly Going” on RSVPs? We need Yes or No - Going or Not Going. Right now we rely on reminder emails that “Possibly” means “No” for us.


Hi @toddskiles,

Currently, no, we do not offer this feature. Let’s get some more feedback from the community and then we will decide whether or not to add this feature.

Thank you for the suggestion!

We’d also be interested in this feature. We’ve been having issues with people saying possibly going, but never going back to update to Going and showing up, and it makes planning properly for some events(cost per person) difficult.

Yes please. It is very hard to plan for a paid event when half of the troop is “possibly going”

I created a ticket for a setting that removes that rsvp option.


Only thing i’m debating is if it should be global or a per event setting. It would be nice to have it be a global setting for the default, and a possible toggle at the event level. That would be the most flexible, but not sure how hard that is to do in trooptrack’s code.

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