I'm not seeing "Possibly Going" in the RSVP dropdown anymore

Hi I’m not seeing this option. Something I have to do in the Event details/configuration?

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The TroopTrack team removed the Possibly Going / Maybe response option during the summer.

Our troop, for one, is sorry that it is gone. It would be great to have the (troop-wide) choice to use it in our calendar event notices.

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Agree - Please put it back as an option. I get that Possibly Going is non-committal and Yes/No is preferred. At least with possibly going I know the family has seen the calendar invite and heard the message. I do not have to follow-up with the no replies just the possibly goings. Thank you.

We are at the opposite end of this and it would need to be a troop choice to turn it on. We require payment for the outing at the time of RSVP and it just doesn’t work to say maybe.