I'm not seeing "Possibly Going" in the RSVP dropdown anymore

Hi I’m not seeing this option. Something I have to do in the Event details/configuration?

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The TroopTrack team removed the Possibly Going / Maybe response option during the summer.

Our troop, for one, is sorry that it is gone. It would be great to have the (troop-wide) choice to use it in our calendar event notices.

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Agree - Please put it back as an option. I get that Possibly Going is non-committal and Yes/No is preferred. At least with possibly going I know the family has seen the calendar invite and heard the message. I do not have to follow-up with the no replies just the possibly goings. Thank you.

We are at the opposite end of this and it would need to be a troop choice to turn it on. We require payment for the outing at the time of RSVP and it just doesn’t work to say maybe.

We are glad the maybe going is gone. It only muddies the water.

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Hi everyone,

A Troop can now turn on/off the RSVP as “possibly going” for events that don’t require payment.

This setting is automatically turned off. Here’s how to turn it on.

First, click on the gear icon, and “edit Troop settings”.

Then click on “TroopTrack settings” and there under “general settings” the maybe option can be turned on/off.


David Keener

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