Roster visibilty

How do I allow a scout or parent to
a) see all other members in the roster, across all patrols, including contact info and
b) not have their own rank book or MB book cluttered with everyone’s advancements?

If I set Access Level to Scout or Household, they see only their own advancement (good) but also only their own contact. Can’t even see their own patrol. (not good)
If I set Access Level to Patrol or Unit, they see who’s in their patrol or unit (good), but also can see everybody’s advancement cluttering the Rank book (not good)

Is there a good solution?

An option would be to extend the “view and print roster” permission to extend to the “Manage Patrols” page so you can see all patrols.

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I had the same issue, trying to get a roster out of the system, Found best way was to make a custom report with only what I need.

  1. Manage, Reports, All Reports
  2. Click “New Custom Report”
  3. Create Users report
  4. Click what you want to see
  5. Give the report a Name
  6. Copy the URL and paste it on your intranet site. Custom reports do not seem to be tied to permissions, I was able to run the one via URL directly and it showed all the info. Security via obscurity on this one. It will be something like h ttps://