Add More Granularity for Permissions

It would be nice if there were a little more granularity for the permissions. Maybe instead of the access level applying to all, you can override it on some positions.

In general, one of the main issues we are having right now is that Households cannot see all the troop members. We can add the view only roster for a printable view, but we want to be able to see the entire troop on the Troop page, which currently only shows household members unless they have a Patrol/Den access level. Obviously it should be “view only” but I think there are more areas that could be view only for Households.

It would also be nice to decide what they can see of the profile outside their household. For instance, profile picture, name, nickname, contact information, household members, and maybe notes (not sure about that one). Essentially, what they would see on a roster but within the app instead.

If there are people who would need to see the entire unit you can give them Unit level access, if you do not grant Manage Troop members then they do have read only access, however they are able to see all information about each person so not quite what you are asking for. This has been asked in the past but not sure if it has ever really made it to the radar of the TT development staff. It honesty is one of those things that would be kinda nice but is not really all that necessary so to spend limited development resources on it may not really be feasible.

I’m running into another problem. If they only have Household level access, they can’t send text messages to the entire troop. We were hoping to use this program to manage our communications with our troop, but if they can’t send a text message to the whole group, it doesn’t help us. I imagine the same issue will occur when we want to allow them to email.

Giving Patrol/Den access gives them access to things we don’t want like the Badge Book and other reports for all. We don’t necessarily want them to be able to see all that the other girls have or have not achieved.

E-Mail is handled a bit differently than text so they are able to send messages to any groups you designate as allowing everyone to message. The same is not available for text as it works differently than e-mail. While it would be nice to have switch options for things like this it definitely would not be something that other units would like or allow as they only want mass communication from Leaders out to the whole group. Honestly there are other systems out there that do things like mass communication much better. TT did add in Chatterboxes which is more chat messaging. If you can get people to download the mobile app then it could be an option, I haven’t used it a ton so don’t remember the specifics of who can chat with whom through there.