AOL Advancement - Best Practice


Our Arrow of Light den is advancing out of the pack. Each cub in the “AOL” den has corresponding parents in the “Parents” den. and of course, each is united with an established “Household”.

Since we won’t need the AOL cubs, parents and households I was wondering what is the best way to remove them from our database? I could delete the people and households involved manually but that would take a while. Is there a better way?



This is a most excellent question. Taking it a step further, when can we expect to see an AOL den created since currently there is only a Webelos option?

If the AOL den is crossing over to a troop or troops that are using Troop Track, we should be able to “select and send” the members over to that or those troops and have the information synch to the troop’s account. This would reduce chances for clerical mistakes, streamline processes, etc.

When we deactivate a member, there should be a drop down where we could select the reason for deactivation with each triggering specific or admin defined actions. In the case where the AOL is crossing over, the information would be achieved but still retrievable is necessary. By keeping the information within the App rather than deleting it, statistical reports can be run such as; number of members crossing over to Troop #XXX, number of AOL crossing over since 20XX, number of tigers that have become AOL, etc. Great for recruitment and retention!!!


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