Scout migration from Cubs to Boy Scoust

3 of the 5 of our feeder packs have converted to TroopTrack. (I have been an advocate to get them to use it as it makes them familiar with it for when the join the Troop.) You are welcome. Plus, multi generation families with sons in Cubs and BSA in have one login.

Is there a migration path for having the Cub Scout join the Troop membership in TroopTrack?

All of the parent information would be transferred to the Troop like BSA ID, address and contact info, AOL being earned, religious awards, age.

I am thinking ahead to Januray when the AOL cross over happens and they join the Troop. We could easily print the Youth and Adult membership application from TroopTrack to make it easier to register them with the Troop. Also, adding them to events, mailing lists, etc… is more automatic.

Suggestions or thoughts?

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Hi @MatthewPodraza,

Check out the link below about transferring members:

When you are ready to transfer a scout from a Pack to a Troop, let us know following the guidelines in that article, and we will transfer the members/household.

I just tried it and I didn’t know this, but it looks like it will allow you to keep track of cub achievements already earned in the “Other” tab.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding.

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Good news. I’ll let you know when January rolls around.