Folders for doument

Hi All,

We have been with TT for about a year now. We upload a lot of timely stuff on our documents page so the whole troop has access to the same material. My issue now is that it is time-consuming to file through a bunch of files to get to the one I am looking for.

Yes we can “sort” them using “category”, but it becomes a pain to have to scroll through all of last years CoH agendas, then the year before that, and so, then finance, then…you see my issue.

It would be nice if we can create folders, like on our computers, for all of our main document families, and then have sub-folders for all the old files. We want to keep them, but want to archive them out of the way.

This would be nice for photos too, but first and foremost for troop documents.

P.S. I am not looking at creating a complicated web search or FPT protocol, just the ability to manage our existing and future files.