Assignments/Checklists/Signup Sheets, they're really different

I’ve just starting playing with these, but Checklists and Signup Sheets neither really do what I think of as an Assignment.

We have some volunteer jobs that need filling. For example…

At the beginning of a meeting, we have a side table where scouts or their parents drop off the permission slips and payments for a trip. Parent’s volunteer for that slot. So in our terminology, someone is assigned to that job. This isn’t a checklist they mark themselves as complete, nor is is a sign-up sheet they put their name on, it’s an assigned responsibility for that day and time.

I don’t see anyplace to manager that in TroopTrack. It’s more like a calendar item in some ways, no RSVP.

Looking that pages for Sign-up sheets and Checklists, I don’t really understand the difference between them in TT. But neither looks like what I’d like for assignments.

As a minimalistic feature, I’d like something where I can put in the names of the volunteers so they’d get an email reminder or see it on their dashboard page. At the luxury end, I’d like a volunteer sign-up page kind of like sign-up sheets, but it only takes N volunteers and knows to stop nagging when the slots are full. Or some variation, I’m flexible.

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Hi @rbroberts,

It sounds like you should use a Sign Up Sheet to get the initial volunteers. For the items, you will put the position you’d like them to volunteer for or just a general volunteer slot with a number to fill. When that number is up, it won’t accept any other volunteers. Just limit the list to those you’d like to volunteer.

If it’s just parents that you want to volunteer, you may consider creating a special Den/Unit/Patrol for them and place the volunteers inside.

From your dashboard you will be able to create an announcement and target it to that volunteer group for a specified time period.

If you’d like a specific feature that only handles this, please change the category to “Ideas” and let’s see how a feature like this would impact the community at large.