Automatically save draft emails and announcements, please!

I want to cry. I know better than to create my announcements on the announcements page, but I just spent 30 minutes writing an announcement. When I hit submit, I got an error. The announcement is GONE and I have to start over. I know better than to do this, because I have accidentally lost emails in the past. Is there any way to save that text as you’re typing it? It’s so heartbreaking to have to start over after I’ve spent so much time on the announcements/emails. It’s not instinctive to know it’s going to disappear on you, because many websites (I’m thinking of Facebook), keep your text, even when you navigate away from the page and come back.


Hi @CelesteMcLaughlin1,

It is currently possible to save an email draft, but this is only after it’s been typed. You can do this by clicking on “communicate”, “send an email” and then type your email. You can click on “save draft” to have this draft saved to your “recent messages” as a draft.

Currently though, text isn’t saved as it’s being typed.


David Keener

If I am writing a post or something similar that I’ve worked on for a long time, I will do a quick Select All, Copy, and Paste into a document or text box. Just in case the connection timed out in the background. I’ve lost more posts from timeouts while I was pondering over some little word… :slight_smile: