Email Save as Draft feature

After creating a new email and using the Save as Draft feature, I cannot locate where the draft email is saved. Please assist how to locate it. Also if I save a draft can another approved user open my draft email and send it?

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Communicate - Recent Messages

I don’t have Recent Messages in the drop down menu under Communicate. Isn’t that so strange? What can I do? I too clicked Save as Draft so I wouldn’t lose the email I was working on, again, but now I have because it has disappeared and I don’t know where it is saved.

I have the same issue. Was this resolved? I have Recent Texts but not Recent Messages in the Communicate drop down menu.

Hi @KristyPayne,

In order to see recent messages you’ll need the privilege of “manage Troop members”.

Here’s the page from the user guide on managing privileges.


David Keener

I think it is inappropriate to tie the ability to edit a saved draft to the “Manage Troop Members” privilege. I don’t want to give out that privilege to everyone who simply wants to edit their draft email.


OMG. If someone without certain privilege can SAVE a draft, then you need to make it accessible to that person! I just spent an hour drafting an email and now I can NOT find it. That is poor usability. Inappropriate. Don’t make this an option to those who don’t have that priviledge!


I DO have access to recent messages, and can’t find an email I saved two days ago.

Hi @KMessinger196 ,

When saving a draft you must have the email list that it’s going to already selected. Once you click save it will load, and take you to the recent messages screen to show you your saved draft. There will then be a blue bar that says “email saved as draft”.

Did that happen after saving the draft?

If there is a problem saving the email it will say (in red) either “select some recipients” or whatever the reason is for not saving and leave you on the “send an email page”.

If you’re not seeing the draft then you’ll need to re-write it.


David Keener

thanks. I may not have had recipients selected yet. That answers that! :slight_smile:

I agree with Jjeffery - why do you give me the option of saving the draft, if I don’t have the ability to retrieve it later? Clicking save as draft was pointless. It is also frustrating that I have the ability to send a message, but not the ability to see the message after it was sent. Everybody who has the authority to send a message, show have access to a mailbox where he/she can review what has been sent, and locate thier drafts. Could you imagine how difficult your work would be if you could only send messages to clients, and never be able to go back and find them? Or save a draft, but not be able to retrieve it? Come on Trooptrack, think of the user!

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Hi @Keener-Trooptrack ,

I had similar issues with a saved email as the others are talking about – I DID have recipients checked and it saved fine, but now I can’t get to it. What I don’t understand is also the same: why do I have the option to save a draft when I don’t have the rights to then access that draft? This seems to be a flaw and can easily be remedied by giving everyone the privilege to edit their own emails after saving them as a draft. Why does this option require special privilege?