Lost Draft

IS there a way to retrieve a draft that is missing. I had my Vice Coordinator open it and she said when she did it disappeared. Now I can’t find it either. We don’t think she hit delete but neither of us can see it anymore. It will be near impossible to recreate so checking here first.

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Adding my question to this post as it is what I am struggling with as well! I saved an email as a draft - there is an option for that. Now I cannot find the drafts to retrieve it and finish the email to send it out. Please advise!

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We had a similar problem in which some of our leaders were creating drafts but could not find them. The issue was their privileges. In order to see Drafts each person needs to have “Manage Troop Members: Add, edit, or delete troop members.” Our troop does not like to give all leaders (UL/AUL) this kind of access. I think TroopTrack needs to place this particular privilege (being able to see Drafts) under a different place such as “Manage Mailboxes” or “View Inbox”. It just does not seem intuitive to have it under the Manage Troop Members section.

The problem is, I am the TC and have all the privileges and I still cannot find the drafts! Where did you find them?

You need to go to Communicate tab, then Recent Messages. Once at Recent Messages you should see the sent emails and any drafts.