To allow someone to edit an email that they saved as a draft

I had a committee member with unit privaleges who wanted to send an email. She typed it up and saved it as a draft but could not access it because she didn’t have the RECENT MESSAGES in her communication tab. I finally figured out the only way she could get that access was for me to give her “Manage Troop Members” Privilege. I think that is a bug, probably should separate the privileges if you can. Thank You
Eric Siebold


Yes I agree that the ability to to see Recent Messages should not be under “Manage Troop Members” privileges. It needs to be under “Manage Mailboxes” or have it’s own privilege. It is very hard to find if you don’t know where to look.


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This other thread had the same suggestion last year. I agree that it should not be tied to that privilege, or the ability to save as draft should go away if you don’t have the manage troop members option.

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