If your Achievements say "Calculating"

This seems to be happening a lot with AHG Troops. Sometimes after you do a bulk advancement, the awards will say “Calculating” instead of giving a percent complete. We believe this may have something to do with the unique way AHG badges and achievements are nested, but we haven’t been able to pinpoint it exactly.

If you would like to fix it yourself, please edit the awards individually and save them. This will push the calculation through. It may not happen immediately, so give it a second and refresh your screen.

If you would like me to fix them all at once, just tag me on this post and ask me to recalculate your troop. I can only do one of these at a time and it typically takes anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. I have to carefully do this, because it could clog up the queue and delay the results of other features while waiting for the calculation to complete.

We were planning on building a feature to fix this, but we’ve had some illnesses this week and probably won’t get it out by the weekend. We have plans to make changes to the way these awards are handled to really smash this bug permanently, but those will take a little longer.

If you are in a group other than AHG and experience this issue, the solutions above (doing it yourself or tagging me here) will work.

This will not work for certain adult awards. I’ve tried everything I can on some of these and I had to hand that off to the developers.

Really sorry for any inconvenience.

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I’m happy to hear you’re working on it! I hope that also includes preventing bulk entry from overwriting already completed badges for some girls.

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