BOR Worksheets that are easy to print and create a meeting schedule from an event. (03/04/2016)

1) You can now create a meeting schedule from an existing event. To do this, just visit an event details page and click on "Repeat Event."

2) We've made it easier to print a board of review worksheet. You can now print a BOR worksheet directly from a user's profile. I've included a pretty picture.

In other news...

1) We are having some trouble with TurboNET advancement reports. They work in most cases, but cub scout packs with Tigers in them continue to cause us problems and so does the recent addition of a survey question by the BSA to ScoutNET. Ryan is working on this.

2) Our database does not fully support the cute special characters (emoji) that people like to use in email, web pages, etc. This causes errors when people try to use emoji in fields we haven't specially configured to support them. We are working on an update that will allow the use of emoji in any text field anywhere in TroopTrack. Ryan is also working this.

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