Troop Meeting Plans

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could enter meeting plans into the calendar using the BSA form structure and be ale to print them from there? Everyone would have instant access to every meeting plan. Can you imagine how many emails would not have to be sent out???

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Hi @TiffanyHigginson1,

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This is an interesting idea, but before our developers can consider it, we need to have a little more feedback and +1’s from the Community. If you know of other TroopTrack users who could benefit, please have them contribute to this post.

Thanks so much for using TroopTrack!

We aren’t BSA - but the ability to put our meeting agendas in the calendar and printing from there would be great!

@TiffanyHigginson1 May I ask what the form structure for your meeting plans looks like?


This is what BSA encourages us to use.

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