Boy Scouts - Recording subparts of Merit Badges

I am advancements coordinator for a large Boy Scout troop, and we are looking for new troop management software. I have been impressed with TroopTrack so far but have come across what will be a deal breaker for our troop - the inability to record completion of subparts of merit badges. For example, Environmental Science has a-f subparts under requirement 3 (and each one of those a-f has a choice of 3 sub-subparts to complete it). We had several kids at summer camp come back with partials on this, having completed only 3-4 of those subparts. I would have no way of recording this in TroopTrack. I could maintain some sort of separate spreadsheet, but I’m unwilling to do that for many reasons, chief of which is we have nearly 100 active Scouts, and that is impractical. I know there is the ability to enter notes in the merit badge recording area, but I don’t like that option either because (a) that is a lot of additional work, to add in all those notes, that I would rather spend just recording the subparts as completed and (b) notes don’t show up in any sort of report, so there would be no way of knowing a requirement was partially completed without clicking on that individual Scout and going into the merit badge recording section. I hope you will consider changing your software to allow recording of subparts.


I support this idea.


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I also support this idea.