Detailed Progress Report for Individual Scout

When we print and individual scouts ‘Summary Report’, it correctly shows all completed Merit Badges with Dates.
When we request the Detailed Record’, it shows the completion of all ranks with dates, but lists a number of MB’s that are complete with all fields entered under the Partial Merit Badge Heading. Then under the Completed MB’s, it again correctly shows those badges as complete. What would cause a number of those MB’s to show up under the Partial MB heading, and then be repeated under Completed. (BTW…Completed was the Correct place for the badges)

The listing of the completed MB’s under a partial heading is causing confusion at the Eagle BOR meetings for the scouts.

Can you please post a screenshot with names blocked out so I can have a better idea of what’s going on?

Thank you.

Hey Matt,

Here are the shots you requested.

Hope it helps.

If YOU need access to our Troop Trak account with my access, let me know


Hi David,

I seem to be missing the shots. Will you please drag them into the text box again?

Thank you. mlsully2002 TroopTrack Staff
February 27

Can you please post a screenshot with names blocked out so I can have a better idea of what’s going on?

Thank you.

You indicated that you posted screenshots but there are no screenshots. Please post your screenshots so I can take a look. Thank you.

O Matt,

Apparently this cannot be done. The screen shots would be multiple screens,.

I tried to send you the .pdf files that showed this, but apparently those were stripped by troop track.

So I tried to send you a copy of the screens text, but TT said those were too big. So I edited them and sent them again, but apparently you don’t have those either.

Is there an email address I can send you the .pdf files that shows the issue where TT won’t strip off the pdf’s?


The community doesn’t allow PDFs, only regular image types (jpeg, png, etc).

You can send them to

Thank you.

I am seeing the same problem when I print a detailed report. I have scouts who earned a merit badge, but it shows up in the Partial MB section with all the dates filled in for each requirement and then the same MB is listed in the Competed section…

An update: After playing with this for a few minutes, I also noticed that the partial list of merit badges is not showing several that I’ve started for the scout in question. This seems to be consistent for any scout I run the report against. I’ve tried adding in data to every field for a merit badge and it doesn’t change the report (like adding in a missing merit badge counselor).

Ok, we will look into this.