Merit Badge Requirements - Entry of Individual Parts

New Feature Request:

Allow completion dates for individual parts of a merit badge (e.g. 3a, 3b and 3d marked as completed; 3c left to do). Alternately, individual parts could be marked (checkbox, for example), with the entire requirement given a completion date when finished.


I believe this is already a feature. Is this what you mean?

No. The current feature allows entry for the entire requirement only, not individual parts (1a only, for example)

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Ah okay I see. The badges we do in Girl Scouts each typically cannot be broken up that way (like the example above) so that’s why I was confused.

This is a limitation that only applies to BSA Merit Badges - we’ve got this figured out for all the other awards.

That may sound crummy, but the reason is simple - we built merit badges first. We designed it a long time ago and we learned a lot from it, but migrating merit badges to the new format is gonna be pretty tough. We know we need to do it though.

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I agree this would be a great feature. It is currently not in place, at least not for Boy Scouts. Now I have to use the comment section when 4b is done but not 4a.

Hi Dave.

Any update on the BSA Merit Badges individual completion entry? We have selected to use two applications to mange our Troop. One was select to manage Scouts achievements and the other, TroopTrack, was selected to manage everything else. This was one of the major deciding factors as to just enter into the comments the part completed by the Scout was not acceptable as another program offered you the ability to complete individual parts.

If possible, how far down the pipeline is the migration?


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@dave Has this item made it to the To Do list yet? I know you know this, but it makes tracking merit badges a real pain. Especially, since I just moved up from Cubs where it works fabulously.

We are new to TroopTrack and are very interested in this as well.