Monthly calendar Entry limit?

Is there a limit of monthly calendar entries? I inputted an entry on Nov 30th on our calendar & it is not showing up.
I got the invite email & I can see it on the calendar when I go to RSVP via the email; but when I log into TT separately & view the calendar it is not listed. I deleted the entry & redid it & its still not showing up. I’m wondering if there is a limit on monthly calendar entries. Idk what else it could be???

Hi @CarrieSchmitz,

There’s not a limit on entries. You may need to filter to “all events” to view that event.


David Keener

Hi David,
Mine is always on All Events. I think it’s just the mobile view because we can all see if we log onto the desktop version. Which is disheartening since most of our troop uses the mobile view more frequently. Oh well, at least it’s there.
Thank you!

In my opinion the Mobile view is limited. For calendar I think the best option is to subscribe to the TT calendar in your Mobile device calendar.