Bulk Progress still overwrites completed badges

I don’t know if this belongs in “Bugs” necessarily, but there’s no “Frustrations” category. So I guess I’ll put it in “Ask a Question”?

Bulk Progress no longer overwrites dates if the requirement was completed earlier BUT it can still overwrite the completed date if a scout has finished/earned the award but happened to not do the requirement that was just Bulk added.

Here’s an example that maybe better explains my frustration:
A Tenderheart Unit completes requirement #5 of Cycling on Oct 20 2018 and the leader uses Bulk Progress to mark it off for all girls in the unit.

  • Girl A already did #5 on her own on July 3, 2018; the bulk entry does not affect her date. That’s a good thing.
  • Girl B already earned the badge by doing requirements #1-4. (#4 and #5 are optional; she had to do only one and chose to do #4, so her #5 was still blank.) The completion date showed as April 25, 2017 and the awarded date showed as May 22, 2017. After the Bulk Progress, #5 now also has a date in it and that in turn has updated the completed date to Oct 20 2018. So now her record indicates she received the award in 2017, but didn’t actually complete it until 2018?!? That’s not a good thing.

Is there a way to “lock” all the cells or at least the empty ones from completed badges when doing Bulk Progress? As it is now, a leader has to first check if a girl has completed the badge, and then be sure to remember to uncheck her on the Bulk Progress page.

(OK, technically, I did this by going through the calendar button of “Record Awards Progress for Attendees”, so the attendees’ names are already checked. But I assume the same thing would happen if I got to the page via Achieve, Record Progress (Bulk) instead…)

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I’ve run into this myself and it means that we really can’t use the Bulk Progress feature much at all since scouts are all mixed in terms of what they’ve completed.

In an ideal world, we’d record who attended the meeting, and then record Bulk Progress from the event. Instead, I have to go through every individual scout’s record to make sure that they haven’t completed the requirement already, and then record it one-by-one for those that hadn’t yet finished it.

I wish Bulk Progress would only apply changes to a date field if the field was empty. Programmatically it would be pretty straightforward, just adding a condition within the code of “only edit the field if current value is NULL”.

This would be a great feature request, IMO.